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Monday, June 8, 2009


June and everyone is getting ready for beach weather but here at the beach it's June Gloom time. Hard to figure out sometimes why the beach weather is always best around October. I lived on the beach for 15+ years and my toes never touched the water until late August. Hearty souls racing through the surf without wetsuits in June amuse me! Any surfer knows the coast will not be kind for 30+ days.

But I digress...this year the gloom is on the market! Albeit June, but not the same kind of gloom. Just as we begin to dip our toes in the icy waters of real estate this frightful year, hearing hopeful words from our courageous leaders about fabulous first time buyer programs, lowest interest rates in history, markets trending upwards, here come the clouds (or as Judy Collins used to sing..."bring in the clowns.") Of course as the summer season begins to heat up, Bernanke starts to cool down. I find myself screaming at the newsbusters - FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS! (Too bad Mervyns closed down, I loved those OpenOpenOpen commercials)
And so, as our fearless leader races around the globe trying to solve world problems and make nice and our governator beseeches us to be flexible with our tax dollars, I it my imagination that 70% of the listings are "short sales" and now they are raising the interest rate?
If June Gloom happens in the forest and nobody sees it does it really exist?
As Judy Collins sings ... Isn't it bliss...don't you who keeps tearing who can't move...where are the clowns?...send in the clowns...don't bother they're here!

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