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Monday, July 23, 2007

It's a Dog's Life!!

Buttons is my first born. She's a mixed breed; what's playfully called a "Pekapom" which is a Pomeranian Pekingese mix. Buttons found me through an ad in the Penny Saver. We were both in need of a best friend. I found her at what I thought to be a private home with a batch of newborn pups. Later I found out it was really a "puppy farm." I picked her (or I should say she picked me) from inside a cardboard box, surrounded by squealing siblings with teary eyes and matted squashes of fur, all begging for attention. She eyed me quietly and drew me in by her lack of fussing. I know now that was her personal pattern of passive aggressive behavior. We rode home quietly with my 16 ounces of fluff hanging from my shoulder, fast asleep and breathing in my ear. When she wasn't sleeping, she was bouncing around like a rubber ball. To avoid stepping on her, I carried her around the house on my shoulder. My shoulder became her quiet place, her safe place, her happy place.

One day I returned home from work and found her in a puddle of blood and vomit in the middle of the kitchen floor. I wrapped her in a towel and rushed her to the vet. It was then I found out she was from a "puppy farm" and had not been cared for properly. She had been infected with Parvo which is a virus and usually deadly to little tiny pups like her. The vet said she needed to be quarantined and I could visit her daily. Each day I would come, walk through the pan of bleach solution to prevent introducing more germs into her environment, and we would visit. We both cried each time I had to leave. After about 10 days, the vet said there was nothing more to do. He told me to take her home and hope for the best. That was twelve years ago. She's still my boss today.

Eleven years ago, Buttons and I moved into our new home in Lomita Pines. We moved in the day after Christmas Day. We spent the day unpacking boxes - stacking them in each appropriate room. Buttons had a box too, a big box of puppy toys. I opened her box and left it on the floor in the family room. Later in the day, tired and sleepy I put Buttons on my shoulder and headed for the bedroom. As I past her box in the family room, I noticed it was empty. I was confused. I began looking for her toys, thinking I had dumped them somewhere by accident. As I went from room to room I noticed something peculiar. Every room had at least one puppy toy. Buttons was sleeping on my shoulder and I didn't want to wake her to ask the question, but I knew...she had made Lomita Pines her new home too!

Buttons and I would love to help you find a special home in Lomita Pines too, or any of the great South Bay cities. Visit our websites:,, or call us anytime for a personal tour.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Welcome to Charlie's Neighborhood

Greetings from Lomita Pines!

I first stumbled upon my little piece of heaven 11 years ago. It's now where I work and play and rest and rejoice! I was cutting through Lomita Pines one day to avoid some traffic snarls and low and behold I was beckoned to this Open House... The rest is history. Lomita is a Spanish name which means "little knoll." We refer to her as the "Little Hill" because we're attached at the hip in several places to "THE HILL" which is the Palos Verdes Peninsula. I guess you could say we're sort of a stepping stone to Palos Verdes. I liken my area to a fancier version of "Big Bear." I love the smell of the Pines and Harbor Breezes. We're actually the same distance from the Ocean (Redondo Beach) on the west as the Harbor on the east. You can bicycle from Lomita to the beach as easily as catching a helicopter to Catalina in the harbor (or a cruise ship - they leave most Friday nights as well as other times for trips to Mexico and most exotic places.) You can even hear the ship whistles blow when the breezes are right. We have our own library, fire station and even police force (actually the workforce portion is provided by Los Angeles County but we house them right here in Lomita.)

We just celebrated our 100th anniversary this year! Some of the residents seem to have been here since the city was established (well, maybe not that long) but demographics are changing and we're welcoming lots of new young families! It's a breath of fresh air, with larger lots, mostly custom homes (we don't have a lot of "tracts" in Lomita) and quaint "Mom and Pop" stores throughout the community. I'd be delighted to give you a personal tour.

Call me anytime and check my websites:, and if you're interested in seeing some of my listings and photos of my little town. Hope to see you soon!