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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Dos and Don'ts

First of all, I’m not a Mother – at least not to tiny humans.  If fur people count, Motherhood has been my blessing for sure.  Of course we all “mother” to some extent (whether male or female) but Mother as a noun and not a verb is what we reflect upon this time of year. 

People ask me all the time “do you have any kids?”   Bad Question – I always answer “Not that I know of.”  That answer always brings a wrinkly forehead to the questioner.  Of course there were those somewhat unremembered days in the 60’s, but I digress.  It’s not polite to ask that question.  People usually ask because they want to tell you about their kids, grandkids, great grandkids.  I actually inherited a few grandkids when I married my husband but that doesn’t really count.  Motherhood and/or Grandmotherhood  is more in the “being” than the “doing.” 

My role model for a Mother is my wonderful friend Annie.  She’s my morning walk buddy.  For the last six or seven years (I’ve lost count) we walk every single morning.  We start out at 6:00 a.m. and walk my dogs (she doesn’t have any.)  We discuss politics, crime, relatives, dog poop…we sing songs, reminisce about earlier times and laugh a lot.  We’re probably a tad loud because neighbors have asked me “what in heaven’s name could possibly be so funny to cackle about at Odark30?”  The answer, I guess, is life.  Annie has 7 children that she knows of…and many grandchildren and great grandchildren (I’ve kind of lost track, they just keep coming.)  She’s outlived two husbands that she dearly loved and Annie loves her kids, all of them.  Some make her crazy from time to time but it doesn’t matter, she’s THE MOM.  I listen but I don’t presume or comment.  I learned a long time ago you don’t ever advise a MOM on how to raise or handle her kids, no matter what “pearl of wisdom” you think you must provide.  In turn, Annie doesn’t tell me how to handle my dogs or cats or husband either.  It’s all good!  I listen to the wonderful stories about Annie’s kids and I remember my own childhood.  I marvel at how Moms survive all the drama, disappointment and stress.  I guess it’s the laughter and love and tears of joy that sustain. 

This Mother’s Day, tell the Moms you know how much you admire them.  Don’t ask females you’ve just met if they have any kids (they’ll tell you in good time if they do.)  Kiss your Mom if she’s still with you and remember what a snotty little brat you were and how much she had to …I’ve digressed again.  Let her know how much you love her.   Posies and chocolates are nice but don’t “hold a candle” to some honest affection and admiration and please don’t leave out the hugs. 

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, tiny human and fur people Moms alike!  We love you all.