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Monday, October 14, 2013

My Dog Is A Good Sport And Loves To Please - Just Like Me...

My Halloween Bow

 Here it is Halloween again.  Of course I have to dress up my baby for the holiday.  She's seen here to the left with her Halloween bow - straight from the groomers - still intact.  Honestly, it won't last until Halloween but at least we tried.  

My St. Patty's Day Hat

Earlier this year, we gussied up the old girl for Saint Patty's Day.  You can see how excited she was.  

My Valentines Day Flower

Even earlier, it was Valentines Day and she was such a sweet gift.  

My Bunny Ears

But Easter was the topper!  She was "all ears" for that one.  It's amazing how patient our dogs are with us.  Always willing, always excited to please.  I wonder what goes on in their heads though...might be good not to think about that.

I don't think there is a National Dog Day but there should be.  They do deserve it.  Happy Haunting this month.  Take advantage of the government shut-down and get some stuff done while things are at a standstill.  You can see that's what I'm doing.  Don't worry, I'll make up for it in the fourth quarter.  

Meantime, if you know anyone that needs to buy or sell a home this month, call me!  I'm not shut down, I'm ready, willing and able to take care of business.  I want to set an example.  We're more than happy to make your home purchase or sale put a smile on your face or we'll eat a bug!  

Team South Bay Realty  310-534-3940