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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Pine Cone Baskets for some friends
Thanksgiving … a time to be grateful, a time for family, a time for celebration.  But, what if you didn’t have a family or a turkey or a place to call home?  Could you still be thankful?  Thanksgiving reminds me of a story I once heard about a young man trying to get home for his family Thanksgiving Dinner.  He lived in New York and was taking the subway.  Everything got in his way that day and he was late and getting more and more frustrated. Now the subway train seemed to be stalled, just one more problem.  He wondered why the universe was trying to ruin his Thanksgiving.  It was looking more and more like he wouldn’t make it to his family home in time for dinner.  On top of that, there were four young kids running wildly around in the subway car, screaming and pushing and irritating everyone.  The man they appeared to be with, probably their Dad, was just sitting there.  He didn’t say a word to them as they carried on .  Finally the frustrated traveler had enough and approached the male chaperone of this wild bunch.  “Excuse me sir,” he said, “can’t you do anything about these kids?  They are irritating everyone.”  The man just shrugged and shook his head.  “I don’t know what to do” he said, “we just buried their Mom.  We’re heading back now from the services and they haven’t eaten and they’re upset.  Mom had promised a big turkey for Thanksgiving but her health didn’t hold out. Now I’m not sure what we’re going to do.”  The young man held back a tear.  “Hold on,” he said, “let me make a call.”  He called his folks and told them about this family.  He came from a very big family himself and they always had plenty of food.  He knew they would have enough for this man and his kids.  The young man’s Mom said “Please bring them home.”   He escorted the family to his folk’s home where everyone welcomed them.  The man was so grateful for his help.  The kids told stories about their Mom and the families remained friends long after the holidays.  Sometimes we need only look outside our busy little worlds to appreciate the reasons we all have to be thankful all the time, not just at Thanksgiving but for every day.        
My Honey For Whom I Am Most Grateful ;)
Turkey Soup for the Soul

Puppy Playdate
Friends Forever
My Baby

Charlie, Rod and the whole Russell household  wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas ... May your 2015 far exceed your 2014 in joy, happiness, love and big wet sloppy kisses from fur and non-fur admirers.  God Bless!      

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